bn_IN l10n Meetup #MozKol

Hi everyone,


On 21st, I arrived for Barasat which is approx 150km, I think that “Nothing great was ever achieved without Enthusiasm”. So,  we met on meetup space(Venue of our event). Biraj Karmakar welcomed us in a great way, he gave us the printed plan for our next two days and a great welcome dinner.

On 22nd, we started from 8’o clock, Biraj Karmakar gave a brief session on l10n style guide and told the difference between ordinary translator and a localizer. He introduced us to Pontoon, Pootle and  Mozilla Transvision. Then we get divided into two groups, one for Pootle and other for Pontoon. It was great to see a such Enthusiasm in members. Ayan Choudhury was there to help everyone wherever they got stuck and reviewing our strings. We translated 60-70% strings of various high priority projects. We ended our first day with a delicious dinner.

On 23rd, we started again from 8’o clock, after completing translation of every projects Biraj Karmakar introduced us to Bugzilla, Moztrap. He told us how can we file a bug and take a bug and start working upon it.  That’s how we ended our third day.

Subhasis Chatterjee, Pranoy Ray,  Saptarshi Mitra and Subhasis thanks for making the event productive and thanks to our Reps Biraj Karmakar and Ayan Choudhury for helping us.



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